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Specifications To Check When Buying Feed Duplex Grinding Machine

Posted by Admin on May, 16, 2019

Finding the perfect thorough feed duplex grinding machine becomes easier when one finds the best feed duplex grinding machine supplier in their market or on online communities and portals. These grinding machines work on the technique of getting feed through them and grinding them into micrometer range. The duplex grinding machines need to be set at extremely good precision to get accurate grinding of the desired material. The double grinding surface in these machines ensures that the grinding is precise as per the requirement. Moreover, the intermediate space between the grinding wheels is pretty no to zero which makes them even better grinding machines. But before investing in these machines and approaching the feed duplex grinding machine supplier, it is important to check these specifications.

Grinding Wheel Diameter: The diameter of the grinding wheel plays a crucial role in determining whether the machine would offer precise grinding. When buying feed grinding machine, make sure that the grinding wheels in the machine have a diameter of at least 350 mm.

Gap Between Grinding Wheels: While the grinding wheel diameter plays a decisive role, the gap between the two facing wheels is also important. Usually, the gap should be minimum to zero, majority of the duplex grinding machines can have a gap ranging between 1 mm to 40 mm as per the requirement of the customer.

Power Requirement: Thorough feed duplex grinding machines require power to work and it is imperative to know that they are energy efficient. The power usually required by these grinding machines is round 8.6 kilowatt.

Workpiece Thickness & Diameter: Another important component of a thorough feed grinding machine is a workpiece. Not just the quality, the thickness and diameter of the workpiece also play a crucial role in offering precision grinding.

Max Error In Parallelism: The maximum error in the parallelism decides a number of things in the grinding machines. There should be zero error in parallelism so that the outcome is more precise and accurate as per the needs. However, the error in parallelism up to 0.005 mm is still bearable.

Quill Adjustment: The hollow shaft surrounding the spindle in a feed duplex grinding machine is the quill and adjusting it rightly is important for the efficient operation of the machines. The quill can be lowered to make it contact the workpiece. This quill adjustment travel, each time should be equal to 50 mm. This is the right adjustment.

These are some of the major specifications that one can see while buying thorough feed duplex machines from trusted suppliers. One can contact them anytime and see these specifications first before buying them. Knowledge of these specifications would help in getting the right machine at a cost0effective price. Also, it would let you know that these machines would have a good outcome.

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